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 "Best of Hampton Roads" 

5 Years In A Row 

Client Reviews

"Kimberly Frazier is a results driven leadership coach. She is an effective communicator that uses creative techniques to connect with her audience. Her ability to forge strong relationships with her teams creates a collaborative environment where everyone works toward achieving and exceeding their goals. If you or your organization would like to improve results, I highly recommend working with Kimberly."

- Bryant Bryson, Client Executive


“From our first meeting, Kimberly really made me think about what I wanted to achieve with my teams, rethinking my approach with customers and the staff, helping me focus on the things that really mattered-- the people. "People over Profit" really resonated with me and I use it on a daily basis now. I look forward to learning even more in the next phase of my personal evolution with Kimberly”

- Mr. Jamie Kane, Regional Director

Breeden Company

"Going into this journey with Kimberly, I knew what many of my areas for development were but often found it difficult to adjust my mentality and behaviors to achieve desired outcomes. Working with Kimberly has really shined light not only on why these growth opportunities are important, but also on how to gain traction in areas I wish to improve. Working with her will position me to be a better leader for others while also growing my confidence in becoming the intentional, thoughtful, and supportive leader I know I can be."

- Tonya Byrd, Director

 Community Engagement & Local Affairs

Dominion Energy

“Kimberly Frazier is an amazing leadership coach and trainer. She conducted a leadership workshop for our troops that made an immediate positive impact.  The troops still rate Kimberly's workshop the best so far. We are looking forward to the next workshop." 

- Chief Watson

Shaw Air Force Base

United States Air Force

I have worked with Kimberly for over ten years and personally observed her unique ability to coach and motivate individuals and teams. Her ability to decipher problems areas is remarkable and her recommendations/actions plans leads to the desired client outcome.. 

- Emmanuel Grant, Sales Manager

WIS International

Kimberly has made a huge impact! Her weekly coaching sessions are life changing in the workplace. She helped me see different perspectives and coached me on changing my communication style to my team. Her coaching has helped boost my teams moral and motivation. Hiring Kimberly was one of my best personal growth investments.

- Susan Styron, Director of Sales