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 "Best of Hampton Roads" 

5 Years In A Row 





At Enjoying Life & Leadership Coaching, we are all about making an impact! Our workshops and training sessions put you in an environment where you will have the opportunity to test and enhance your leadership skills!

Our Award Winning Workshops and Trainings are Centered Around "IMPACT"

I – Identify the Value your Team Offers

It is time to boost the confidence of your team by giving them the spotlight they have been striving to earn. Regardless of their position, every member of your team needs to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts and contributions towards helping the entire team achieve their goals. 

M – Mentor and Model the Path to Success

Handing out blueprints will not get the job done. Mentorship is the key to success. Train your team members the way you want them to perform. This is the time where you change their mindset and take them along with you on the path to success. Allow your team to walk by your side and stay united.

P – Prioritize People Over Profits

Every organization aims for financial stability. Your goal over here should be to value your team members over massive profits. The focus here is not to put one thing over another, but to balance both equally while ensuring your team feels more valued. This will not only keep them motivated, but ready to tackle any obstacle that comes in their way. 

A – Acknowledge Effort and Celebrate Growth

Taking note of effort and rejoicing organizational success are at the core of any established firm. Anyone under the supervision of a leader who habitually acknowledges their labor and celebrates their growth is always encouraged to give their 100%. This is sure to create an atmosphere of healthy competition within the team. 

C – Commit to Care

Catering the financial needs of your team members is not enough. Their emotional well-being requires just as much attention. Prioritize the needs that the organization can look after in order to ensure higher retention rate, minimized turnover and maximized profit for the firm. This combination is likely to make any venture rise about the competition. 

T – Treat your Team the Way They Want to be Treated

It is a simple rule of life that you have to give respect to earn respect. The same rule applies everywhere including in running organizations regardless of their niche and size. Treat the members of your team with the same amount of respect you expect from them. There is indeed a hierarchy that has to be followed, but respect works both ways.

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